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Karen Mistlin personLife can be challenging.  Past or present experiences can create emotions reactions like stress, anxiety or anger.  It can almost feel like a sense of being stuck in a negative mindset, not being able to move forward and fully enjoy life.


Counselling offers the opportunity to explore and clarify thoughts and feelings that adversely affect daily life.  I enable my clients to work through issues that sometimes feel overwhelming.  Family and friends can offer invaluable support but often it is still difficult to speak freely about what is really going on inside the mind.  Frequently I hear my clients talking about needing to protect those around them from how they feel as they don’t wish to burden them or upset them.  I provide a confidential and welcoming therapeutic environment where clients are free to discuss the struggles being experienced. 

I work with young adults (16 plus), I have been counselling at Signpost Youth Counselling Agency for the past 4 years, dealing with issues such as bullying, low self esteem, anxiety and stress, relationship and family problems.  In my private practice I have worked with a variety of clients and couples with issues which range from divorce, loss and bereavement, depression, anxiety, stress, post traumatic stress syndrome.  In essence my clients come with whatever they wish to discuss and I help them increase their levels of self awareness which inevitably leads to being able to make healthier life choices.


For more information, please follow the link to my website: www.space2be.org


Please feel free to contact me personally by phone or email if you would like to discuss how counselling may be of benefit to you.


To take the first step towards self discovery and a happier future call or email:


Karen Mistlin

B.A., FdA Couns. Adv/Dip CBT/PCA, MBACP

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