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Sheena King: Life and Business Coach


Sheena king roseWelcome to my page on the Healing Tree Network.  I’m a life and business coach, with a background in creative media, personal development training and running a small business.  My primary focus is working with clients to create meaning and purpose in their lives.  If life is a journey coaching can help you access your internal compass and step onto your own unique path.


Coaching supports clients to identify and achieve personal and professional goals, which honour their deeper values.  This is achieved through focused conversations, questioning, deep listening by the coach and willingness of the client to take action.   



The key benefits of Life Coaching:


  • Support, encouragement and accountability
  • Create a life aligned with the person you are
  • Fresh perspectives on challenges and opportunities
  • Improved personal effectiveness
  • Lead a more balanced life
  • Set smarter goals


I offer telephone coaching, face-to-face sessions, group coaching and training.  I’m based in Chesham, Bucks and will travel within a 20 mile radius. There is no geographical limit to my telephone coaching.


I provide a range of coaching tools such as assessments, questionnaires and development programmes. Some free programmes are available on my website.  I invite you to visit me at and give them a try.


Business Coaching

I am a supplier registered with Business Link's Supplier Brokerage Service.  I offer competitively priced 3 month Coaching Programmes, which you can redeem for Business Link vouchers.  If you want to know more about how coaching can benefit your business then please get in touch. 



Contact Details:                Office:          01494 773016

Mobile:         07732 637239





If you would like to experience life coaching for yourself, I offer a no obligation complimentary coaching session. 


Coaching and training packages are tailored according to the needs of the client.



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 (Photo: North York Moors with heather in bloom.)


“We’re all pilgrims on the same journey, but some pilgrims have better road maps.”  (Nelson Demille)