Patrick Lucocq

calm horizon logoPatrick Lucocq BSc PDCBH DHyp BSCH (Full)

       Calming your Mind to Calm your Body. Clinical and Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Dental Anxiety and Stress Treatments.

Patrick picPatrick offers behavioural hypnotherapy sessions for the reduction of anxiety and phobia symptoms, managing pain and stress related symptoms as well shifting habits such as smoking, weight loss and self esteem needs in safe and professional manner. An area of speciality is his use of hypnosis for the management of dental treatment . Patrick’s personal and goal focussed approach means a clear and flexible programme of treatment geared to a permanent and beneficial change.


Patrick became interested in hypnotherapy as a result of having stress related headaches and interrupted sleep. He was so amazed with the improvement through hypnotherapy that he decided to retrain. Having 15 years experience in Dentistry gave Patrick the insight to the benefits of hypnotherapy for symptoms such as dental phobia, TMJ pain, teeth grinding, Insomnia, day clenching and pain management.


Patrick works out of the Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic, 69 The High Street, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 2DE.


You can contact Patrick at
Tel: 01442 823806  0r  07885 266957
Sessions are at £60 per hour, usually over 3-4 sessions.