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Press Release Health in your hands? Actually it’s in your feet.

(October 22, 2009)

Discover Foot Reading – Interactive talk at Chesham Town Hall Wednesday 28th October – 7.30-9.30



Did you realise you can identify and analyse personality traits and emotions from your feet?  With ten years expertise in reflexology, Jane Sheehan shares the secrets of this tool for health diagnosis and well being at a Healing Tree Network talk on 28th October at Chesham Town Hall.


Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands, ears and face that correspond to every part of the body – representing organs, glands and the nervous system – or meridians of the body.  Through the application of gentle pressure on these reflexes, experts believe you can relieve tension, improve circulation and enhance your well-being.


‘The hour long talk will be a chance to learn what your feet can tell you about yourself, to find out about reflexology and techniques for understanding our health through our feet.’ comments Healing Tree Network Director Karen Puttick.   


The Healing Tree Network is really excited to have Jane Shehan joining us on 28th October as our guest speaker. Jane is a charismatic and popular international practitioner, author and speaker with a breadth of press, radio and TV experience.  It will be fascinating for all of us to find out how our feet not only reflect our health, but also our characters.’ 


Talk is on Wednesday 28th October from 7.30-9.30 at Chesham Town Hall – tickets just £3.50 available from tel: 01494 721593, web or Healthright in Chesham High Street.


Reflexology is an ancient practice, dating back to China over 5,000 years ago with documented practice across Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. Modern reflexology was developed in the 1900s by a number of specialist doctors and nurses, with particular study by Eunice Ingham a nurse and physiotherapist who mapped the entire body into "reflexes" on the feet. Foot reading is used by reflexologists to help people to identify and address issues and blocks in their life, health and well being.


Jane Sheehan comments:  “My talk will give local people a tool for personal development and growth – a chance to develop yourself and your relationships with others.  Using foot reading helps people to make a positive ripple effect, through self-healing and helping those around you. I’m hoping the smiles that foot reading and this realisation of being able to help yourself by stopping blaming others, will become infectious so that the smiles spread not just across your face but to all of those of the people you meet.  By sharing my knowledge of foot reading with the Healing Tree Network in Chesham in a fun and slightly irreverent way, I hope people will open their curiosity of themselves.  And if I make them laugh whilst I’m doing it – even better!”


As well as hearing the talk, the evening is a chance to meet and network with other health and well-being experts from across the local area who are part of the Healing tree Network.  Find out who does reflexology near you.  If your foot reading shows you need to de-stress – find who you can go to for a good massage or yoga class.




Notes to editors


Buckinghamshire based Jane Sheehan who leads the Foot Reading talk on October 28th has over ten years experience in reflexology and foot reading.  Every year she gives over 150 readings, around 70 treatments, leads seminar talks, radio shows and even TV appearances.  Her latest book ‘Sole Trader’ published just a few weeks ago will be exclusively available at the Healing Tree Network talk for the discount price of £15.   Jane is a fully qualified and experienced Reflexologist and her foot reading seminars are accredited for Continuous Professional Development points with the Association of Reflexologists, Embody, and the Federation of Holistic Therapists.


Jane Sheehan is the author of “Let’s Read Our Feet!” and “The Foot Reading Coach” and her ability to identify and analyse personality traits and emotions from the shape of the feet and toes has been honed through years of work across the globe. She has featured in press, radio and television worldwide, reading celebrity feet and sharing her enthusiasm and passion for foot reading.  Hawaii, San Diego, Dubai and Australia as well as Scotland, Ireland and her native country, England, have all benefited from her expertise via seminars, workshops, interviews, talks and foot reading parties.  Reflexology treatments start from £30 for one hour and Jane will also host foot reading parties for up to 8 people for £160 people (£20 per person). 


For more information please visit



The Healing Tree Network aims to provide a friendly arena for people to find out more about alternative health and well-being practitioners – from a mix of national guest experts and local practioners.  It provides an informal environment to ask questions and find out more about different health and well-being expertise in the local are, their suitability and benefits.


It also provides an opportunity for health practitioners to meet and support one another.  The Network aims to break down barriers which prevent people using Holistic Medicine and to inform, include, and work alongside mainstream allopathic medicine. 


Each month the Network runs talks with expert speakers to inform and entertain on particular health and wellbeing topics.  The Network also provides visitors with special offers for people to try out new therapies and products.


Upcoming talks include: The use of hypnotherapy to combat fear, pain and stress in dentistry (November).

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