Family Online Laughter Yoga Weds 6th May 10-11 am


Family Online Laughter Yoga Weds 6th May 10-11 am

Laughter yoga for all the family!  This is something guaranteed to lift the spirits and release some energy.

Here's how it works:

You book your place - 1 place per family (this relates to 1 Zoom screen per family)

I'll send you the link so you can join ready to start promptly at 11am

I will spend a few minutes introducing the session and giving directions and then we will spend about 30 minutes doing Laughter Yoga.

Some exercises will involve you relating to the other groups online whilst some will involve just interaction with your family.

We'll then move on to some Laughter Meditation and then some gentle relaxing meditation. You will be on 'mute' for the final part  so don't need to worry too much if your child struggles to be still or quiet during the meditation.

If you know other family groups who would add to your enjoyment, do remember to tell them to sign up.



:  at  £7.50  each

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