Welcome To The Healing Tree Network

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month - why not join us!
Currently our meetings are continuing online via Zoom.  The format is slightly different for now too!

We are a high level networking organisation for professionals working to increase wellbeing in their clients.

We welcome Change-workers.  Any physical, psychological, social/environmental and financial wellbeing practitioners who are well trained and experienced within their field, with a commitment to developing their businesses and offering the highest quality referrals to their clients.

Our ethos is to support one another - not to sell to one another.

All professionals who work to help their clients to make positive changes are welcome to join us at our meetings.  Currently we have no membership fee, you will simply pay for each meeting you attend.  We also currently have no bars on people offering similar services so if your business is helping to make people feel better then you are welcome. If you have a  business with a strong link to the main aims of the organisation, such as health food shops or producers, therapeutic products companies or education providers you are welcome to attend, as are any mainstream medical practitioners or charities who are open to the possibilities we offer.

Attendees have around a minute to share an introduction to themselves and their work. We'll continue to take time for a brainstorming session, a moment of calm, resource sharing and networking and business support.

Some months there will be an oppotunity for members to share a 10 minute "Practitioner Presentation" so we can get to know one another better and we will have an additional speaker.

Every three months or so we will be having a one hour(ish) workshop exploring areas which are of benefit to us all.  

If you have attended at least 3 meetings in the last 6 months you can apply to speak or run a workshop.

The fee to attend is £15.00 per person (booked in advance) and will include light refreshments.   Click here to book

Attend 3 meetings and as a "Thank you" send us a link to your website and we'll add it to our "Members" page.  This year will also see the introduction of events where you may get a chance to share your business with a broader audience.

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