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  1. We all have our own way of running our businesses, and as holistic practitioners we all know how precious our clients and patients are.  We are also aware that we cannot be all things to all people (seriously, you cannot support every person with every ailment can you?) So it is absolutely vital that you can signpost your patients to reliable, trusted colleagues who you know will care for them just as you do.

    Within a network like the Healing Tree Network we have people offering diverse practices and therapies so we have the opportunity to get to know one another, learn exactly what each person offers and build up a relationship of trust.  So when we start to consider care for our clients which compliments our own, we know where to look.  (I find it also helps when you need for you or your own family.)

    There's also the business side of specialised networking.  Whether you are looking for branding, help with social media, a place to practice or professional supervision, it is so much better to have a personal recommendation rather than scrabbling around looking for someone who may be right. We share challenges, opportunities and help one another to grow our businesses.

    And socially we are in a very special situation.  We mostly work alone and can't talk about our clients with anyone.  Being with a group of people who understand this and have so much to share is fun!  

    So, are you ready to give it a go? Book here for our next meetings.

  2. Imagine a gentle climb through Lydian countryside, along the rocky, undulating pathway to a magical land, overlooked by the craggy wall of the Castle of the King of the Gods.  Everywhere you look, Mother Nature’s garden is filled with food and medicine to be gathered freely.  At ground level, the intense slightly minty wild oregano, the strong purple flowered sage and a veritable pharmacy of wild herbs. Aromatic bay trees bear leaves with a strong, musky scent slightly reminiscent of Old Spice aftershave.  All around are shrubs and trees whose tender spring leaves may be plucked for bitter spring salads and later in the year will fill the larder with their harvest of figs, citrus fruits and olives.

    The only sign of habitation is a small goat’s bell attached to a bush, which jangles gently to indicate our presence.  We pause momentarily, then moving on a few feet, around a curve in the path, we are confronted with a strung curtain of brightly dyed felt, adorned with bells and pretty pieces of wood which marks the entrance to the Shaman’s Sanctuary.  We pause again, before moving onto a large wooden terrace which seems to hang from the mountainside, the sheer drop bordered only by a low felt rope.

    The Shaman’s Wife greets us warmly as her two children continue to play together, almost oblivious to our intrusion into their world.  She is neatly and modestly dressed – her attire enhanced by a beautifully styled green felt hat which adds to her slightly elfin appearance.  (We later learn that she is a talented artist who currently works mostly with hand-made and dyed felt).

    The Shaman, joins us.  A relatively tall, slim man of about 40, with intense humour filled eyes, he welcomes us to his home and we remove our shoes to enter an entirely hand-made environment.

    Ozan and his wife, with a little help from friends, have created a two storey home, which is unique in every way.  I will describe the construction to the best of my memory.  Over a wooden framework, the walls are constructed using two ‘skins’ of bamboo between which is a layer of brown sea-weed which acts as a non-rotting insulation.  The inside walls are plastered with local clay whilst the outside is rendered with special mountain sand and painted in vibrant shades of red, green, blue and yellow.  I believe the windows and doors have all been salvaged from other properties.  This house is constructed to breathe.  A large chimney from the open fireplace dominates one corner of the main living room and the wooden floor is covered with rugs – some aged Turkish carpets, a small sheepskin a a huge home-made felt rug.

    We sit on a selection of cushions and low covered benches and can’t help but study the eclectic collection of artefacts around the room.  A huge fabric print hangs on one wall with the slightly faded image of a Native American medicine man.  In a dark corner hangs a brightly painted horse skull, and a stack of half finished canvases line another wall.

    When asked if there is a ‘Native American theme’ here, what with the print and the dream-catcher, Ozan gently points out that the item hanging from the ceiling is actually a decorated buzzard trap.  (He had a chicken to bait the trap, but never used it as the buzzard came to him of his own free-will.) He explains that Turks are closely related to Native Americans and that in fact we are all related.  As we sit and talk, Ozan’s wife brings slightly spiced tea and a plate of golden yellow fruits – sort of a cross between a plum and a pear which has  glowing bronze coloured stones (which bring the children in, giggling, to share the juicy feast).

    Ozan spent his early childhood in Berlin, moved to the suburbs of Marmaris, and then studied art at University in Berlin.  From what I understand, he ‘received the hand’ from a Siberian Shaman and has since spent many years studying the healing arts.  His knowledge comes partly through training, some from books and a lot through practice and experience.

    His attitude to allopathic medicine is at best described as dismissive – in fact he makes jokes about his collection of doctors’ scalps (collected by his Djinn of course!)  His views can come across as quite extreme and he enjoys being controversial!

    His fundamental thoughts regarding health are that by eating natural food appropriate to our individual constitutions and maintaining an alkaline environment in our bodies we will remain largely healthy.  He believes strongly in the use of sea salt,  and that we should drink ‘living water’ wherever possible.  (The water here comes direct from an underwater spring which flows through the mountain.)  The general principles lean towards vedic medicine, based on the four characteristics of hot, cold, dry and wet and he prescribes treatments which restore balance.  Naturally the two things which cause the worst imbalance are coffee and alcohol, followed closely by tomatoes!  (This causes a bit of a stir, but Ozan is actually speaking in the context of seasonal and appropriate cultivation of food).

    Music is an integral part of life at the Shaman’s Sanctuary, and we make our way up the flimsy wooden staircase to the first floor room which doubles as music and healing room and guest bedroom.   We are treated to a short display of ‘the grandfather of the piano’, and a selection of wind instruments.  The hospitality of this family is never ending, and during the musical interlude we are presented with another round of drinks served in pretty chai glasses.  Ozan has a wicked sense of humour, and when asked by one of the group what is in the glasses replies, “Snake’s egg!”  He explains (with a straight face), that brown eggs are safe and black may kill you.  When asked how you tell the difference, his reply is “Drink!”  It is actually a delicious blend of peach, cinnamon and sugar, diluted with iced spring water!

    Having made and distributed the refreshments, Ozan’s wife begins playing the xomus (Jew’s harp).  It is mesmerizing and I feel deeply relaxed.  Ozan then begins Tuvan throat singing – like a deep, hypnotic chanting which sends me into an instant deep meditative state.  Sadly for me, this part of our visit is very brief as it is nearly time to leave.
     Ozan receives visitors from around the world, who stay as guests in his home whilst receiving healing treatments.  Money is not a motivating factor so guests pay whatever they can afford, with charges only made for medicines and oils prepared for them. 
     All the oils used here are created at the sanctuary – oregano is distilled from the dried plant which has the most intense oil, and Ozan explains how each oil was created as he blends a massage oil to bring heat back into a frozen shoulder.

    By now, most of the party have left the building and are taking photographs of the spectacular views through the valley. As we leave, we exchange warm farewells, and will certainly accept the Shaman’s invitation to visit again and stay a while. Will you join us?








  3. Last month 'Starman' Chris Street spoke to the Healing Tree Network about his work revealing the Sacred Geometry of London.  Having read his book 'Earthstars' I can tell you that Chris is truly an amazing combination of Visionary and mathematician! 
    Today I received the following Email from Chris:
    HEALING THE SOUL OF THE CITY – creating an underground lake of love.

    A couple of weeks ago, I realised that London sits on a huge underground basin of water. It covers pretty much the whole of grater London. Remembering Dr. Emoto’s work with water and how well it responds to positive energy input, an idea occurred to me. The Earthstars geometry encoded into the landscape must be having a positive harmonising effect on that water, because it is the sort of sacred geometry that results from Dr. Emoto’s work on water molecules. But maybe we should be giving it some help. What if we get as many people as possible to bless London’s undergound water and send healing, love and positive energy into it. On a daily basis. Pretty soon it would respond and start being a source of healing, uplifting energy in its own right. A huge lake of love,  radiating joy and fulfilment up to the capital and everyone in it. Of course, we can do the same with the water on the surface. The lakes and ponds in our parks. The streams, the fountains, the wells.  Let’s give it a go. Let’s change the emotional climate of the capital and make it a better place to live, and an uplifting centre of healing and light. To co-ordinate our efforts, let’s focus the attention on it specifically at 12 noon,  6pm and 9pm. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it any other time. Every little helps as they say at Tesco. Namaste.
    Chris street  email; [email protected]
    For those of you who haven't read any of Dr Emoto's books, he has basically shown through photographic evidence that water responds to thoughts and emotions. So for instance, water in a glass with 'Love' written on it produces beautiful perfectly formed crystals compared with a glass which has 'Hate' on it which produces distorted and malformed ones.  He has also demonstrated that water which is sent loving thoughts, prayers or healing can strengthen itself against impurities and return to a state of purity.  You may like to find out more from
    Please leave your message of support and commitment which we will forward to Chris.
  4. Part of a truly holistic lifestyle, is reducing the toxins in our environment.  We all know about pesticides on our foods, chemicals in our cleaning materials and toxins in our toiletries, but what about some of the invisible threats we now live with on a day-to-day basis?

    Following on from a talk by Joanna Hill of the Gerson Therapy Support Group, I have put together some information regarding accessing high speed broadband in the home, without the use of wireless waves which have been the subject of controversy since their inception. There have been studies indicating a strong association between wireless networks and increased numbers of people with brain tumours. 

    For internet access via the power line :
    You need one network adapter kit (Joanne uses a Netgear Powerline HDXB101) which contains two Powerline units, the first of which you connect to your access point or router, and also plug it into the mains.  Thereafter, the mains becomes your network (an Ethernet high speed connection up to 200 mbps): you can then attach up to 16 further units, one per pc etc.  I have had a look around, and the basic unit costs around £150 (available on Amazon, amongst others). 

    We also touched on how to protect ourselves from the microwaves emitted by mobile phones.  Before you read on, I have found a few statements (see which should make us at least question whether mobile phones are as safe as they might be.

    Did you know for instance that  a mobile phone call lasting just 2 minutes can alter the natural electrical activity of a child's brain for an hour?

    Or that when you use a cell phone 70 percent of the energy emitted from the antenna is absorbed into your head?

    Japan has banned cell phone use on trains to cut down on 'second hand radiation'.

    The mobile telephone headset which reduces exposure to microwaves is called an air tube and the Blue Tube version is recommended by Dr Mercola.  There appear to be quite a few variations on the market, but the RF3 is quite widely available and retails around £28-£35.
    “This technology utilizes a state-of-the-art SPL enhanced sound chamber which delivers a crystal clear sound through an air-filled wireless tube (similar to a doctor's stethoscope). By replacing the wire with AirCom Technology, the RF3 Cellular Headset reduces the possibility of radiation from reaching your head.”

    It’s good to know that there is a low  risk, high tech option available, should we choose to take it.


  5. Since starting the Healing Tree Network, I have repeatedly been asked to explain what I mean by "Holistic". Holistic (or wholistic) should in itself give you a clue. As someone living a Holistic Lifestyle we are aiming to be complete.  As I often explain  to my clients, tackling one aspect of your life and ignoring the rest can only lead to imbalance. You may choose to enlist the help of Holistic practitioners along the way, but there is a lot you can do all by yourself.
    So, the starting point is inside.  Not physically, but spiritually and emotionally are you whole?  Sounds a bit strange, perhaps a bit airy fairy? Actually your emotions effect every other aspect of your being. I'm not talking about being ecstatically happy, but simply being comfortable with who you are. Do you allow yourself to express your emotions or do you bottle them up?  Do you carry emotional scars which still have an effect on your daily life. This is the starting point for wholeness. 
    Are you secure in your own spiritual direction? (Not religion, that's a different thing).  Are there things in life which call you and make you feel wonderful - a walk in the woods; playing with your children; listening to bird song; dancing; listening to your choice of music - things which are spiritually nourishing? And do you allow yourself time to do these things? No? Well you know what the next step on the path is! 
    Whilst working on our emotional and spiritual well-being, we could start looking at what goes into our bodies.  This isn't a lesson on good nutrition, but by following a few simple rules, we start to bring our bodies into the holistic state.  Good food, not too much of the things we all know we should avoid - saturated fat, salt, sugar.... you know the beasties!  Increase fresh vegetables and fruit; eat meat and fish from humane and sustainable sources if you choose to; increase pulses and seeds; eat local and seasonal.  If you choose to eat and drink 'naughty' things which nutritionists discourage, do it in moderation and try to have a little of the best rather than a whole bucket of rubbish! And drink enough water!
    Look after your body! Whatever shape it's in - it is all yours! Treat it kindly beacuse it has to last a whole lifetime. Exercise it, but try doing something you enjoy. (If you were put of all exercise and sports at school try something new.)  Your skin is effectively your largest organ so use gentle products which aren't full of chemicals.  Maybe try dry skin brushing to get rid of the layer of dead cells, add natural (dilluted) oils to your bathing water, and moisturise using a tiny spot of pure coconut oil. Protect it from too much direct sunlight, without keeping it shut  away from the fresh air. Wear clothes that make you feel good.  Being holistic extends beyond what's going on inside!
    Then there's your environment.  Do you feel safe and secure? If not, what are you going to do about it? Are you surrounded by nurturing, supportive people and offering that same support to those around you? Are you happy in your work?  Sometimes we can't avoid being in places with people we don't really want to be with, or in jobs we'd prefer to leave, but what can you do to improve this environment?  Again, try looking for a reduction in chemicals that you use to keep your surroundings clean.
    You may need help and advice along the way, so don't be afraid to ask.  There are hundreds of different Holistic Practices and products  to explore.  If you don't know where to start  when looking for help, contact me (in confidence if you prefer) and I will try to point you in the right direction. 
    Ultimately, I don't think Holistic is in any way alternative and it certainly  isn't about being not pure or holy! It is simply being and feeling the best you can, and learning to love yourself and all around you!