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Last month 'Starman' Chris Street spoke to the Healing Tree Network about his work revealing the Sacred Geometry of London.  Having read his book 'Earthstars' I can tell you that Chris is truly an amazing combination of Visionary and mathematician! 
Today I received the following Email from Chris:
HEALING THE SOUL OF THE CITY – creating an underground lake of love.

A couple of weeks ago, I realised that London sits on a huge underground basin of water. It covers pretty much the whole of grater London. Remembering Dr. Emoto’s work with water and how well it responds to positive energy input, an idea occurred to me. The Earthstars geometry encoded into the landscape must be having a positive harmonising effect on that water, because it is the sort of sacred geometry that results from Dr. Emoto’s work on water molecules. But maybe we should be giving it some help. What if we get as many people as possible to bless London’s undergound water and send healing, love and positive energy into it. On a daily basis. Pretty soon it would respond and start being a source of healing, uplifting energy in its own right. A huge lake of love,  radiating joy and fulfilment up to the capital and everyone in it. Of course, we can do the same with the water on the surface. The lakes and ponds in our parks. The streams, the fountains, the wells.  Let’s give it a go. Let’s change the emotional climate of the capital and make it a better place to live, and an uplifting centre of healing and light. To co-ordinate our efforts, let’s focus the attention on it specifically at 12 noon,  6pm and 9pm. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it any other time. Every little helps as they say at Tesco. Namaste.
Chris street  email; [email protected]
For those of you who haven't read any of Dr Emoto's books, he has basically shown through photographic evidence that water responds to thoughts and emotions. So for instance, water in a glass with 'Love' written on it produces beautiful perfectly formed crystals compared with a glass which has 'Hate' on it which produces distorted and malformed ones.  He has also demonstrated that water which is sent loving thoughts, prayers or healing can strengthen itself against impurities and return to a state of purity.  You may like to find out more from
Please leave your message of support and commitment which we will forward to Chris.

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