Holding back old age!

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A quote from a popular magazine - "Dermal fillers are an effective way to restore a youthful appearance".  Or are they just a way to disguise the natural glow and beauty which comes with graceful maturity?  Why are there people who feel they can't afford to pay for holistic medicine, which can improve their lives for their whole lives, and yet, they will spend between £250 - £600 to have a few facial "imperfections" pumped full of fillers which will last between 4 and 15 months?  What is it that makes women as young as 30 feel the need to look like dolls?   Have we forgotten that true beauty comes from within?  Perhaps a few visits to all the marvelous holistic practitioners out there would make these poor souls feel so much better about themselves that they wouldn't need to hide their true selves.  Ladies, embrace your inner Goddess and the rest of the world will too!

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