Holistic Holiday first aid kit - before you go!

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At tonight's Healing Tree Network event, we will be talking about holistic holidays.  I have collated suggestions from some of our member practitioners to create a pick 'n' mix list! 
Interestingly, the most popular suggestions have actually been things to take and do prior to actually departing.  Top of the list was a good quality pro-biotic, taken for a couple of weeks before you leave and continued whilst on holiday.  This will not only make your digestive system stronger by building up the healthy flora and making you more resistant to holiday tummy, but also help you build up your Vitamin B levels.  Add to this a Vit B complex supplement and you will become the least attractive person around - but only to biting insects.
Citracidal drops, taken in the same way, will also build your resistance to gastric problems.
Dry skin brushing or regular use of a sea salt shower scrub will ensure that your skin is in tip-top condition and will already have a healthy glow, especially in combination with a well-balanced diet, rich in Vit A and E - and as always, water, water, water! 


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