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It had to happen!  Keep pushing a body and eventually it will push back. Yes folks, I am having a day off to nurse my sore throat, and thought I'd share a reflection with you. 
Every now and again we all get a text or Email from someone which goes something like -
 " Had a tough day. Need rest. Taking rest. Blowing you out!"
Our own agenda nearly always kicks in and we feel let down, mildly miffed, sometimes thoroughly cheesed off.  Don't we suspect that they may have had a better offer?  Perhaps we think they should have a bit more stamina?
Well, maybe we should be filled with respect and admiration for those people who are strong and holistic enough to take notice of the warnings their bodies are sending them.  The body tends to send messages for a reason, and will revolt if we are so absorbed in our day-to-day toils that we don't take notice and act accordingly. 

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