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  1. It is always interesting to observe the reactions of animals when they initially encounter somebody offering them healing.  I always try to give them time to make a conscious decision to allow me to place my hands on or near them.
    Different creatures react in entirely different ways. 
    There was the fallen bat who gently, over a period of about 15 minutes went from clinging to the side of a box with tightly folded wings to hanging by one foot with wings wide open.
    Then there was the cat, who over a period of weeks went from receiving distance healing along the length of a staircase, to sitting right next to me and allowing my hands to be within a centimetre of him- avoiding eye contact at all costs!
    A long term client - a normally quiet black labrador, would stand by the front door howling to announce my arrival, allow me enough time to get in and sit down, and would then position herself- bottom firmly against my lap, ready for my hands on her hips.
    Then there was the beautiful old bird who would drop her head lower and lower as I beamed healing energy to her, until her head flopped into her water or she fell off her perch!  Interestingly, she was the one client who would just walk away when she felt she'd had enough.
    Today I worked on a young bulldog who was built like a tank! What he desired most at first meeting was to climb onto my lap, then take me for a walk, have a drink, climb on my lap, suck my shirt - anything - so long as I didn't expect him to be still!  He was moving so constantly, that even beaming energy towards him was a challenge! Once the penny dropped though - this manic youngster flopped against me, adjusted his position so my hands were precisely where he needed treatment, and was still. 
    To feel healing energy flowing from your hands into another creature is a truly awsome thing, and something that anyone can do with a little guidance.  
  2. It had to happen!  Keep pushing a body and eventually it will push back. Yes folks, I am having a day off to nurse my sore throat, and thought I'd share a reflection with you. 
    Every now and again we all get a text or Email from someone which goes something like -
     " Had a tough day. Need rest. Taking rest. Blowing you out!"
    Our own agenda nearly always kicks in and we feel let down, mildly miffed, sometimes thoroughly cheesed off.  Don't we suspect that they may have had a better offer?  Perhaps we think they should have a bit more stamina?
    Well, maybe we should be filled with respect and admiration for those people who are strong and holistic enough to take notice of the warnings their bodies are sending them.  The body tends to send messages for a reason, and will revolt if we are so absorbed in our day-to-day toils that we don't take notice and act accordingly. 
    We all know that prevention is better than cure, so pack a few essentials to keep tummy bugs at bay wherever you are.  Water free antiseptic handwash and pack of wet wipes save you from having to use unsanitary washrooms, (remember how many other people are using public facilities!)  Use Citracidal to wash fruit and veg when abroad or at home. It not only kills any germs, but also helps remove residues from crop spraying.  Garlic capsules (or just lots of garlic in food) keeps mossies at bay. A sunhat, sarong and sunglasses will prevent you from getting too much sun.  Burn white sage in a burner or on the BBQ to keep insects away). Citronella oil, peppermint oil, tea tree (few drops in a base oil) dabbed on pulse points will help keep all manner of creepy crawly biting things away! Plenty of water, water, water; especially if in a hot climate.


    First aid:

    Homeopathic; Nux Vomica 30c for travel sickness or hangovers. Apis 30c for jellyfish or wasp stings, Arnica 30c before, during and after flight helps deal with jetlag and can reduce the incidence of DVT.

    Aromotherapy;  Lavender, (use on any external problem including burns undiluted or add 5 drops to a drop of milk and add to bath water for a relaxing soak. Tea tree (again externally undiluted as an antiseptic, or put a couple of drops in a cup of water as a mouth wash. Small bottle of witchhazel with 5 drops each of tea tree and lavender pure essential oils. Use on bites, stings, scratches and spots.  Peppermint (always use diluted, in a carrier oil or cream) to freshen feet and lower body temperature. (These oils will counteract the  effects of homeopathic remedies, so don’t use both at the same time.)

    Herbal: Slippery elm powder/capsules: for any digestive inflammation, acidity, indigestion, gastroenteritis, diarrhoea or constipation. Can also be used as a 'drawing' poultice to help relieve boils or remove splinters.  Chamomile tea - very calming for most digestive problems such as IBS, indigestion, colic, bloating, acidity.  It is antispasmodic and can help ease period pain.  A relaxing herb also useful for insomnia or hyperactive and restless children. Chamomile is contra-indicated where there are allergies to the daisy family.  Ginger in various forms for travel sickness.

    Aloe vera gelly to treat just about any skin problems – scratches, scrapes, spots, rashes, sunburn... Rescue remedy handbag spray.  Arnica cream for bumps and bruises.


    Then the final Holistic touches to help you relax and unwind.

    Inspirational books (we recommend 'the Essence of Womanhood' by Susie Heath or anything by Paulo Coelho; perhaps a guided meditation CD; and a delicious Bottle of local vino (anti-oxidants of course!)

  4. At tonight's Healing Tree Network event, we will be talking about holistic holidays.  I have collated suggestions from some of our member practitioners to create a pick 'n' mix list! 
    Interestingly, the most popular suggestions have actually been things to take and do prior to actually departing.  Top of the list was a good quality pro-biotic, taken for a couple of weeks before you leave and continued whilst on holiday.  This will not only make your digestive system stronger by building up the healthy flora and making you more resistant to holiday tummy, but also help you build up your Vitamin B levels.  Add to this a Vit B complex supplement and you will become the least attractive person around - but only to biting insects.
    Citracidal drops, taken in the same way, will also build your resistance to gastric problems.
    Dry skin brushing or regular use of a sea salt shower scrub will ensure that your skin is in tip-top condition and will already have a healthy glow, especially in combination with a well-balanced diet, rich in Vit A and E - and as always, water, water, water! 


  5. I feel the need, (despite having so much to do that I keep bumping into myself on the way back), to write a bit about those wonderful people who restore your faith in human nature!  You know how you can meet taps (who fill your bucket) and drains (who empty it) - well I have a friend who has turned on her tap and topped up the bucket!  Interesting thing is - she has the busiest week she has had for months or possibly years.  Check out all the wonderful things she can do!!