Past talks and events

We no longer organise monthly meetings, but if you are a speaker and would like us to organise an event or workshop for you, please contact us.  
Previous HTN Events and speakers
On 24th March 2010 we had 3 speakers  at our evening - "Empowered living".  Romi Carr our colour and style consultant helped us to understand how what we wear can effect our confidence and mental state.  Lifecoach and trainer Sheena Kingoffered tips on how to be more confident and secure - indeed, more Empowered in our day-to-day lives. Healer and founder of the Healing Tree Network, Karen Putticklead a brief meditation - 'The Egg of potential'.
On 24th February 2010 our Guest Speaker - Chris Street shared his knowledge of the unseen sacred geometry of London. Chris StreetSign up to be kept up to date with more information about Chris's new books, walks and meditation tours.
Chris Street has been researching London’s ancient sacred sites for nearly thirty years, following a series of dreams and visions. His Earthstars discovery reveals that many of our most ancient sacred places form a vast and complex geometric pattern on the London Landscape, a huge temple ground plan covering the whole of Greater London. 
It is a matrix of the planetary life-force and very beneficial evolutionary impulse is manifesting through it and Earthing itself through the individual sites and our collective subconscious. This energy is represented by the figure of a Dove on the London landscape, symbolic of the Goddess and The Holy Spirit. This talk focuses on the Dove energy, how it manifests as through the Earthstars geometry, and how we can use it individually for our  personal healing and spiritual guidance. This is particularly important in the light of the transformational times we live  in, because the Earthstars matrix has a clear relationship to the biblical City of Revelation, the New Jerusalem, (whose appearance is said to herald the end of an age),  to William Blake’s visions of London as Jerusalem and to the end of the Mayan calendar, 2012.
Chris's books:
                          Camelot cover              Earthstars cover              VL (C Street) cover
(Available from Chris's website )
Elizabeth Calderaraoffers a few tips! 
Joanne Boyden - Wilsongave us a wonderful talk on Amatsu.
Davina Thomsonand her team demonstrated seated acupressure - a treatment which she offers to private and corporate customers.
Patrick Lucocqgave a short taster of his '2 hour holidays' (which included relaxation and chocolate!)
Judy Claughtontalked about the transformational experiences of her 'Happening Week-ends'.
At our 'Summer Holiday Special' Penny Benforddemonstrated the day to day use of Aloe Vera products.
We 'Tapped into success' with a wonderful talk on EFT by Linda Lloyd.
Joanna Hill from the Gerson Therapy Support Group stepped in at the last moment to tell us how we can take small steps to becoming more holistic in our everyday lives.
One of our fabulous guest speakers, Jane Sheehan, gave an inspired talk on 'Foot Reading'!
Patrickgave another wonderful talk on 'Releasing Anxiety and Pain' using hypnosis techniques.
Star Trek treatments using Thor lasers were the subject for our osteopath member Karen Carroll.