Meditation, Mindset and Magic

Meditation, Mindset and Magic

This is a circle for people who are keen to meditate and who have an interest in mindset and magic.  I will be encouraging you to attend as regularly as possible in order to build a group who trust and support one another, but realise life can get in the way.  There will be a maximum group of 8 people to start with and new members will join us until that number is achieved.  

Tickets are available in the shop - £15 per month or pay for three in advance £30.  You may also pay cash on the night, but must let me know you are coming.  we meet in Amersham, Bucks and you will be sent full details upon payment.


This will be appropriate to whatever the subject matter of the evening may be. The different forms of meditation are many and varied and we will mostly be focusing on guided meditations and pathworking, with some mindfulness.  You will be encouraged to practice between session. 


Exploring the ways in whch we interpret the world around us, and learning to do this in a more powerful, potent way.  I have avoided the word 'manifesting' in the name of this circle, but we will be working to use our mindsets in a way which helps us to achieve our aims and goals in life!


Magic in its broadest sense!  Each month we will look at and practice a magical art such as scyring, astral projection, potion creating and moon magic.  We will also focus on skills including protection, removing unwanted connections, the roles of the chakras.  We'll explore rites and ceremonies and certainly have a cacao ceremony. 

You will be welcome to bring suggestions or requests to be included each month.  If you have any questions please contact me here.