Stop Waiting - Start Creating!

So What Do you Want From Your Life?

Are you still putting off your dreams?   Feeling guilty because you want more from life?
Do you find excuses?   Confused?
Don’t know where to start?
Stop waiting and start creating!

Join us for a life transforming workshop!

Sunday 10th February 2013
9.30am – 4.30am

Cost £95 including workshop pack and lunch
(Early bird discount £85 booked before 14th January)
Join Karen Puttick, Vanessa Stottor and Elizabeth Calderara to explore what you really want and how to get it!

Expore the hidden depths of your unconscious mind to discover your soul's desire.  Learn how to use that clarity to produce your true vision board and how to use it to manifest the life you choose.  Continue to clear unwanted blocks and rebuild at the deepest level as you experience powerful sound healing.
This workshop brings together the combination of skills of three womenwho follow different, but parallel paths.
Karen Puttick is a clinical hypnotherapist and self-empowerment expert.  Her skill lies in the ability to enable others to access and exercise their inner resources and imagination to bring about changes for themselves.  Karen is happily married with children.  She has followed diverse paths to discover her true vocation as a hypnotherapist, healer and teacher using the practical application of imagination .  She is also the Projects Director at the innovative Bagnall Centre for Integrated Healthcare.

“Life wasn't always so glorious for Vanessa and during her Vision Board presentation she will share with you how she turned things around from looking after her husband who was in ill health (and is now a successful body builder), from being over 5 stone overweight to achieving her ideal body and how she has become the UK’s most successful sales consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics and all of her awards.  Her life now can only be described as "idyllic" and her marriage to Brian as "perfect”. Vanessa frankly shares how that was not always the case and choosing to take control of her own life and becoming clear about what her future would look like, by visualisation, has made all the difference.”

Burn out from a hectic life as an MD of an international music production company was the key to Elizabeth Calderara deciding to take a break at a natural healing center in Dorset.  Here she began her lifelong study of ancient healing techniques from indigenous people.  Working with the Mayan, Inka, Celtic, Oriental and Native American traditions. she undertook a three  year practitioner training  at Shamanaka,  Womens School of Shamanism.  Elizabeth carries on the tradition of using shamanic  healing in practical way through her reflexology, massage  and teaching practice.    ‘Music and sound is  fundamental part of our lives.  It has the power to heal and soothe, to take us into a peaceful mediative place where ideas and inspiration flow freely and answers to our questions appear.   Useful as well as beautiful, crystal  and tibetan singing bowls will carry you on a personal journey, integrating and affirming the vision quest you have created in the workshop.