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  1. If you thought hypnotherapy was only about making you feel better - think again! I have just listened to Josephine Curneen from Berkhamsted Clinical Hypnotherapy Practice on her CD "Introduction to Hypnotic Anti-aging". It takes you into a deep meditation, focusing on regenerating and renewing at a cellular level. Aimed at beauty and massage therapists, it would make a wonderful add on to any facial or relaxing body treatment. You can contact Jo through our members' page (clinical hypnotherapist).

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  2. I have just had my eyebrows threaded by Penny Benford in her lovely studio in Chesham. I went expecting pain - there was none! She shaped and tidied without taking too much away and they look lovely. Finishing with a dab of Forever Aloe Vera Gelee (which she also sells) ensured that the pinkness only lasted about 10 minutes. If you haven't tried threading I strongly recommend you call Penny and give it a go.

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  3. Review of Linda Lloyd - EFT treatment

    When Linda talked about her Emotional Freedom Technique work I confess I had absolutely no idea what it was. But as someone who had battled with a sharp temper I thought I would open my mind and give it a try.

    Linda's approach helped me - a relative novice - to fully understand the science and the philopsphy behind the technique, while feeling in totally safe and experienced hands. The experience has created a positive yet gentle shift in helping me slow down my tendency for those occasional but volatile temper tantrums!
    Thank you Linda x

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