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In order to save you money and give you more business opportunities there are currently 2 early bird membership offers - now's the time to plan your networking for the next year!!

If you aren't sure which would be best for you, contact me here.

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£117 (Only 5  practitioners places left)

All live and online meetings included    

Saves you £75!

Plus - Promote your work with a 60-minute live value add workshop/presentation AND share 10 minutes about your business at 2 online meeting

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£97 (Only 6 available)

All Online meetings included  Live meetings £5

Saves you £95!

PLUS - You can promote your work through a live 40 minute value add presentation - and get the meeting free, saving you a further £5

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From January 2024, The Healing Tree Network is offering face to face meetings every other month 10am – 1pm, interspersed with online meetings 10am – noon .   Prices for a 3 hour ‘live’ meeting will be £22  -  Online meetings will continue to be £10 for non-members.

Our venue is The Quaker Meeting House, Whielden Street, Amersham HP7 0JB.

Monday 15th January live  - Book here
Monday 19th February online
Monday 18th March live
Monday 15th April online
Monday 20th May live

The format for our live meetings will be rather special and will include the following:

  • Networking your business and events 
  • A one-hour workshop or high value presentation
  • Additional 40 minutes value packed presentation by a HTN member
  • One or more 10-minute member’s talk
  • Yummy refreshments